A fresh start in 2017!

Well it’s been an age since I’ve written anything here.   We are well into a new year and a fresh start is in order and I’m going to try and post on a regular basis.  But,  this year I’m also going to try and focus on “the real Zambia” – well at least my experience of it.

I wrote elsewhere recently that Zambia frustrates me and fascinates me in equal measures.   I often find it to be a place of extremes- I’ll have an experience that will amaze me and warm me to the bottom of my heart, followed by something that leaves me scratching my head in bewilderment as to why the world is the way it is.  However, it’s not my intention to place judgement on anything- either good or bad.  I’ll just share some stories to give you a sense of life over here.

Oh- and if you have any questions about Zambia that you’ve always wanted answered, get in touch and I’ll do my best 😊

In my garden- and yes it is big enough to be called a park by Sydney standards. Which is just as well as there are no parks in Ndola! 😉

Tales of transition to life in Zambia